Thank You for Being My Dad

It is sad that our world considers the role of fathers to be a largely unnecessary one. Everyone knows a child needs his mother, but few seem to believe that the child equally needs his father. While many in our world would limit the father’s responsibilities to his children to such things as money, food, and clothing, a Dad’s love and responsibility goes far deeper than these surface issues.

 Traditionally, fathers act in a protective, supportive and responsible way towards their children. Involved fathers offer developmentally specific provisions to their sons and daughters throughout the life cycle and are impacted themselves by doing so. Active father figures may play a role in reducing behavior and psychological problems in young men and women. An increased amount of father–child involvement may help increase a child’s social stability, educational achievement, and their potential to have a solid marriage as an adult. Their children may also be more curious about the world around them and develop greater problem solving skills. Children who were raised with fathers perceive themselves to be more cognitively and physically competent than their peers without a father. Mothers raising children together with a father reported less severe disputes with their child.

The father figure does not always have to be a child’s biological father and some children will have a biological father as well as a step- or nurturing father.

Fatherhood as legitimate identity shared by specific men and their children can be dependent on domestic factors and behaviors.

According to the anthropologist Maurice Godelier, it’s interesting that the parental role assumed by human males is a critically different between human society and that of humans’ closest biological relatives—chimpanzees and bonobos—who appear to be unaware of their “father” connection.

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Dominic and Frank Celebrating the Loving Dad’s of the World

“The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.” – Frank Sinatra

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Thank You for Being My Dad
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