WWII Vet and Two Inspired Young Boys –

Students experience living history of retired aircraft carrier. Take a moment and watch this video –

Two young boys, Carter and Jack Hanson befriend a World War II Vet Robert Harding over the internet and strike up a warm and wonderful relationship. Almost like pen pals. – Then when the powers that be find out about this heartwarming situation they secretely make it posssible for the two boys and this World War II Vet to meet.

Originally the boys were interested in a vintage US Aircraft Carrier that was active during the war. And the more they learn about the ship the more they want to meet Robert. Then one day “Sunday Morning” surprised the boys by setting up a meeting with Robert in person on the ship. They were so touched by the meeting that all three will tell you to this day that their lives have been changed to the positive forever.

These kids have a wonderful relationship Mr. Harding. This is a truly touching video worth watching and if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, well….

Just a unique story that you will enjoy.

Throughout his life since the War, Mr. Harding kept most of his war stories to himself. The memories were not something that for many reasons he felt the desire to share until he met these two young men. Afterward he said that he needed someone to talk to about it all along and inn these two boys ┬áhe found that “person”.

This experience has changed all three lives. Pretty wonderful!

Take a moment and watch. You’ll be glad you did.

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WWII Veteran and Two Inspired Young Boys – Must Watch

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