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When we were kids my Grandmother used to play games with us all the time. Obviously there was no computer at that time and the TV only offered three channels so games like Scopa (She called it Scoop) were the games that she played with us. We were very close to our grandmother because we spent so much time together. Thought I would share this video. It really is a great game.

Scopa is an Italian card game, and one of the two major national card games in Italy. It is also popular in Brazil, brought in by Italian immigrants, mostly in the Scopa di Quindici variation.  Scopa is also played in countries like Libya and Somalia. It is played with a standard Italian 40-card deck, mostly between two players or four in two partnerships, but it can also be played by 3, 5, or 6 players.

The name is an Italian noun meaning “broom”, since taking a Scopa means “to sweep” all the cards from the table. Watching a game of

Scopa can be a highly entertaining activity, since games traditionally involve lively, colorful, and somewhat strong-worded banter in between hands. However, skill and chance are more important to the outcome of the game.

The game of Scopone is based on Scopa. In this game, which must be played in 2 teams of 2, players are dealt all nine of their cards at the start of each round. Play proceeds around the table until all players have played all of their cards.

In another form of the game, the scopone scientifico, the players are dealt ten cards each so that none is left.

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Scopa – Italian Card Game with Verbal Explanation
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