Ancient Sicilian Bread

“The Rustic Old Fashioned Way”


The Most Fascinating Video you will ever see about baking true Rustic Sicilian Bread. 


Hand made RUSTIC ITALIAN BREAD, Like it has been made for hundreds of years in Sicily . PANE RUSTICO

Learn HOW to make it from harvest to the table in this very entertaining Culturally informative Video complete with local Music

Direct from Sicily

From Antonio Mystic Bellissimo  

You Tube: It’s Good For All

Watching this Wonderful Video I was taken with the lovely smile of Carolina as she worked so hard to make this bread. 

It put me in mind of my grandparents raising many children, (19 all together in two families) and doing whatever it took to provide for them.

I found this video to be one of the most interesting ever.

Once I began watching I just couldn’t stop.


Enjoy the Video Below

From Antonio Mystic Bellissimo  

You Tube: It’s Good For All 

From You Tube

Hope you Enjoy this Wonderful Video

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Ancient / Rustic Sicilian Bread – Fascinating !
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