Original Bolognese Sauce

Inspired by

Marcella Polini Hazan –

The Original Authority on Italian Cuisine in America


Some of her secrets include the following:

  • Choose vegetables that are in season and plan the entire meal around them.

  • Soak vegetables in cold water for half an hour before cooking to remove all trace of grit. Cook them until they are tender, but not mushy, so that they have a rich flavour.

  • When sautéing onions, put them in a cold pan with oil and heat them gently; this will make them release their flavour gradually and give them a mellower taste than starting them in a hot pan.

  • Although some types of pasta, like tagliatelle, are best made fresh at home, others, like spaghetti, should be bought dried. Pasta should be matched carefully to sauce.

  • Olive oil isn’t always the best choice for frying; in delicately flavoured dishes, a combination of butter and vegetable oil should be used.

  • Garlic presses should be avoided at all costs.


Enjoy the her Interesting and “Tasty” Video


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Original Bolognese Sauce – Italian Cook Marcella Polini Hazan
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