Italian Master Tailors

Men of the Cloth

MEN OF THE CLOTH is the story of three humble & accomplished master tailors who create masterpieces of elegance & style to clothe the human body. Working with the skill of engineers & the soul of philosophers, Italian artisans Nino Corvato, Checchino Fonticoli & Joe Centofanti celebrate the individual in both mind and body.

By weaving together the individual stories of these master tailors, MEN OF THE CLOTH unfolds the whole tapestry of their lives, unravels the mystery of their artistry and reveals how their passionate devotion to their craft is akin to a religion.

Tailoring as we know it began with the Italian Renaissance — in the age of Raffaello and Donatello — when the art and science of tailoring became a highly specialized, complex, and jealously guarded craft. And it dovetails with the rise of Humanism and the accentuation and glorification of the human form.

But starting in the mid-20th century, in the wake of the growth of ready-to-wear clothing and the industrialization of the tailoring trade, many of these Old World artisans had to abandon their beloved craft. Italian tailors were forced to leave their towns and even their country, and to forfeit their dreams in order to work in factories. They were casualties of the industrial advances and global economic changes that continue to the present day.

MEN OF THE CLOTH is a film about how these master tailors are navigating their challenging role in the 21st century. The film gives us a window into the past, present and future of custom tailoring, a craft whose roots are in the Italian Renaissance but whose branches extend from small towns in the Apennine Mountains of Italy and the outskirts of Palermo, Sicily, all the way to New York’s Madison Avenue and the suburbs of Philadelphia.


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Dominic and Frank Celebrating Exquisite Italian Craftmanship

A caval donato non si guarda in bocca.” – Don’t Look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Italian Master Tailors – Men of the Cloth
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