First Grader Shaves His Head for His Friend with Cancer

Friends By Abbie Farwell Brown

This is one of the most wonderful videos I have ever seen. A Must Watch. Isn’t it interesting how much children can teach us. This little guy shaves his head in unity with his friend who has cancer. It is impossible to experience this piece without an emotional reaction. Take a moment you won’t regret it.

Also we thought we would share a poem by Abbie Farwell Brown about friendship between Children. There really is much to learn if we just take the time. It seems that in Life, it is often our Children may actually be the best Teachers.

Abbie Farwell Brown was an American author who lived from 1871-1927. While attending the Girls’ Latin School, she created a school newspaper, The Jabberwock, which is still being published today. In the poem “Friends”, Brown shares that even things in nature can be children’s friends, giving them comfort Whenever They Fear.

How good to lie a little while
And look up through the tree!
The Sky is like a kind big smile
Bent sweetly over me.

The Sunshine flickers through the lace
Of leaves above my head,
And kisses me upon the face
Like Mother, before bed.

The Wind comes stealing o’er the grass
To whisper pretty things;
And though I cannot see him pass,
I feel his careful wings.

So many gentle Friends are near
Whom one can scarcely see,
A child should never feel a fear,
Wherever he may be.

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First Grader Shaves His Head for His Friend with Cancer

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