Eggs in a Basket – Italian Cook Laura Vitale

Remember the movie Moonstruck? Remember when Rose was making breakfast as Loretta walked into the kitchen with the love bite on her neck?! Well this is what Rose was making. Italian Eggs in a basket. Something many of us remember from when we were kids.

Interesting enough is the fact that when grew up the “Old People” many of whom lived to over 100 ate eggs regularly. I recall my grandpop piercing a hole in both ends of the egg and sucking our the inside. Another memory has to do with the traditional Egg, Marsala combination that so many Italian kids grew up with. A different variation was milk and eggs that my mother used to give us regularly. It included whole milk, vanilla, a couple raw eggs and sugar. In fact as I grew up when ever we got ice cream I would ask for a milk shake with a couple raw eggs in the mixture. The raw eggs (especially from a small farm where you are sure they’re clean) are really good for you and if you didn’t know they were in the milk shake you would never know. Looks exactly the same.

Anyway back to the eggs in a basket this is really a cute way to make eggs especially for guests. Something unique that touches your heart for whatever reason. I imagine in just brings back happy memories of growing up when this kind of thing was a part of life. Try it, you can’t go wrong and have a great day.

This is a Very cool and a neat surprise when company happens to be over breakfast.

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Eggs in a Basket – Moonstruck Style – Italian Cook Laura Vitale