Dogs and Babies Talking

Did you know that Dogs in general have shown an ability to understand and actually mimic human communication. In objective choice tasks, it has been found that dogs often utilize human communicative gestures such as pointing and direction of gaze in order to locate hidden food and toys for example. It has also been shown that dogs exhibit a left gaze bias when looking at human faces, indicating that they are capable of reading human emotions. It is interesting to note that dogs do not make use of direction of gaze or exhibit left gaze bias with other dogs just with their interaction with humans.

And you may not realize it but …..Dogs Smile – The Chinese Crested mix for example (a breed known for smiles), grins, and sometimes squints his eyes to mimic a human smile. He does this as a social greeting, and uses his smile in the same situations humans do. When his master comes home from work, he wags his tail and flashes a grin to difuse tension, just like humans do. He smiles at people he knows and sometimes to people he doesn’t know.

It’s pretty refreshing actually to make this connection. So when we watch videos like this it makes us realize that we humans are not the only creatures on the planet with a brain or with emotions. We are animals too – the Human animal. Thank goodness scientists are catching up on the range of emotions and depth of intelligence of those we share the planet with. I hope then it will lead to human beings treating other animals with much better care than we do now.

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Dogs and Babies Talking

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