Dean and Frank

Make You Smile Medley!

When you talk about life and just pure fun there has never been two guys that touched the audience the way these two did. And where are they when you need ’em?! By now we all know the history of Frank Sinatra, born in Hoboken and all the rest but some of us don’t know that Dean was a Ohioan, born and raised.¬†Steubenville Ohio that is. And his birth name wasn’t Martin it was Crocetti. Funny about that.

Dean always portrayed himself as being a drinker but in reality the “drink” that he had in his hand was actually Martinelli’s Apple Juice also from Ohio. Whoda’ thunk it.

Well sadly for those that are too young to ever have experienced these two you really missed something. That’s why we decided to put this one up for view. It is a perfect example of who they were and what they did. Perform, Entertain and have fun. That’s pretty much it and the audience loved it. Whether in Vegas, Atlantic City, on TV, in the movies or on Dean’s weekly, Thursday night TV show they either individually or together just rocked. They really were the greatest. Dean was Mr. Cool and Frank was the Entertainer of the Century. There just aren’t words that adequately describe them. I just wish they were both around today. We sinscerley miss them.

We particularly enjoy this post because you just can’t watch without a smile on your face. It just makes you happy to see their light spirited approach. Spectacular.

So we hope you take a moment and enjoy. You’ll be glad you did. These guys really Loved Life and when you were watching and listening to them it just made life a little bit better if only for that moment.

Everybody That Loved Dean and Frank.. Loved Life

Everybody Loves Life

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Dominic and Frank forever Celebrating Life

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Dean and Frank – Make You Smile Medley!

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