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Francis Albert Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915 to an Italian immigrant couple living in Hoboken, N.J. An only child, Sinatra’s parents hoped that their son would become an engineer, but Frank had other plans — coasting through school in order to concentrate on athletics and getting into scraps with other boys and the local police. Working after school for a local newspaper, Frank quickly rose through the ranks from copy boy to rookie sports reporter, often covering high school games in which he himself participated. (Sinatra was an accomplished all-around athlete, with a special interest in boxing.) Not long after graduation Frank began singing in his spare time. Though he never took formal lessons, in time his concerts became magnets for screaming teenage girls, the forerunners of modern-day rock groupies, attracting over 25,000 fans for a 1944 New York appearance.

Known for his clean-cut, bow-tie image and popularly referred to as “The Voice,” in 1947 Sinatra recorded a whopping 72 new songs, a personal high mark; he was making almost a million dollars a year at a time when a new car cost around one thousand dollars.

Dean Martin, born Dino Crocetti on June 7, 1917 in Steubanville Ohio was an American singer, film actor, and comedian. Dino was one of the most famous music artists in the 1950s and 1960s, receiving  a gold record in 2004 for his fastest-selling album ever, which also hit the iTunes Top 5. Playboy magazine recently called Martin “the coolest man who ever lived.”

In 1965, Martin launched his weekly NBC comedy-variety series, The Dean Martin Show, which exploited his public image as a lazy, carefree boozer. Even though critics complained Dean was the epitome of sloth, few entertainers worked as hard to make what they were doing look so easy. The tv show was a huge hit. He disliked rehearsing because he firmly believed his best performances were his first performances. The show’s loose format often prompted comedic, quick-witted improvisation from Dean and the rest of the cast.  As a result, the show was often in the Top Ten.

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Dominic and Frank Forever Celebrating Life

“I said to Mr. Pavarotti once … a marvelous man and a great artist … I said to him … “Maestro, I’m having trouble closing out a note so that it’s almost as thin as a butter knife … finish it out quietly like that.” I said, “I have trouble doing that. What do you think I should do?” He said, “Justa close up your mouth.” That’s all he said, and I fell on the floor. I thought he was gonna give me a dissertation.” – Frank Sinatra

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