Cute Dogs and Adorable Babies

Generally speaking you don’t need to get rid of beloved pets to make room for a baby. You can see in this video that animals for the most part are gentle with children. However, no matter how unlikely you think it is that your trusted pet would hurt your infant you must be vigilant. As much as we believe our pets are part of the family we still have to remember he or she is an animal with certain inbred instincts. Most pets wouldn’t harm a baby intentionally, but why take the risk of an accidental injury? Don’t leave your baby lying on a blanket on the floor unattended, for instance, and be sure not to shut your cat in the baby’s room. Starting now, train your pets to stay out of the nursery and off the furniture.

Also You should be aware that household pets can communicate viruses, bacteria, and parasites. The common belief that a pet’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s is just a myth; the reality is that a dog or cat bite can become infected quickly. Even minor nips or cat scratches need to be thoroughly cleansed with soap and water and possibly treated. Check with your pediatrician if your baby is bitten or scratched. I mean for whatever it’s worth, like it or not dogs often eat what they defecate and Cats walk around in their litter box.

Your baby will probably be delighted by doggy and kitty kisses, but don’t make that a habit. Cats and dogs often sniff or lick other animals, tasty tidbits in the neighbor’s trash, and feces. It’s also important to keep your pets free of fleas and ticks.

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Cute Dogs and Adorable Babies